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Sustainable Stories

Stories about real sustainability all around Australia.

Beauty is back with a bang 🎉

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Jam packed with new tech, clean beauty products and smiling faces from businesses that are paving the way in beauty industry sustainability, it is safe to say that Beauty Expo and ABIA’s 2022 was a major hit!

Orange is the new face of sustainability ♻️

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Sustainable Salons values all members, no matter where you’re located, city or rural.  We believe that as a collective, small ripples make big waves; and as a Sustainable Salons member, Shaun Downey Hair is passionate about people, planet and profit. 

Purpose Matters

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Finding your purpose is a journey. For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted their perspective and re-focused their priorities. Today, we're seeing people who want to live their values and want to support brands that do the same.

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