Your new look could mean a new life for someone in need.

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What happens to ponytails?

We send ponytails directly to wigmakers and to charitable organisations such as Variety and the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) to be made into charitable wigs or to fund life-changing programs.

Watch our short film A Wig for Matilda (above) to learn more about the people your ponytail donations help.

What do we accept?


  • Plaited ponytails 20cm or longer
  • Human hair ponytails
  • 100% human hair extension ponytails
  • Coloured hair ponytails
  • Natural hair ponytails


  • Ponytails less than 20cm
  • Unplaited ponytails
  • Wet ponytails
  • Synthetic hair extensions
  • Dreadlocks
  • Loose hair
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Who can donate ponytails?

We accept the following hair:

  • Hair from people of any age, gender, hair type and hair colour (as long as the hair is properly prepared)
  • Chemically processed or coloured hair
  • Curly hair ponytails are accepted, but must meet the minimum 20cm length without being straightened
  • 100% human hair extensions, as originally verified and labelled by the product supplier

How to donate

Did we leave you scratching your head?

We accept chemically treated/coloured ponytail donations from a minimum of 20cm in length.

We ask that all donors keep their hair natural with no straightening at the time of the ponytail cut.

We recommend visiting a Sustainable Salon for the ponytail chop, but if there are no Sustainable Salons in your local area we do accept ponytail donations via the post.

If you are donating via post, we suggest downloading the Ponytail Donation Kit which includes instructions on how to correctly prepare and cut your hair for donation. 

We understand that it can be difficult to measure curly hair unstraightened. Therefore we suggest tying your hair into plaits from where you intend to cut, and then measuring the length of the plait from the elastic to ensure it meets the 20cm length.

We recommend sectioning the hair into small ponytails around the head because when ponytails are in transit, smaller tight plaits help protect the hair and it is less likely for strands to fall out of the ponytail.

Sectioning the hair into smaller ponytails also ‘maximises’ the length of your hair. If all strands of hair are bunched into the middle, the pieces of hair pulled in from the sides won’t be as long as those in the middle.

We work with a number of charities that you can fundraise with for your ponytail chop, such as the AAAF, Cancer Council, Leukaemia Foundation- World’s Greatest Shave, Variety the Children’s Charity and more.

We recommend contacting the charities directly for more information on how to fundraise.

We accept ponytail donations from 100% human hair extensions.

Before donation, please verify that these extensions are 100% natural, as we aren’t able to accept synthetic hair.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept dreadlocks as ponytail donations.

However, we do accept dreadlocks as hair clippings, to be used in our Hair Boom Research and for composting. Hair clippings can be donated in-salon only and not via post. To donate hair clippings please visit the salon locator here.

When visiting a Sustainable Salon to donate your ponytails, your hair will need to be sectioned, plaited and cut for the donation. The stylist may also be required to tidy or restyle your hair after the ponytail chop.

As such, pricing for cutting hair for a ponytail donation is at the discretion of the salon. We recommend enquiring about pricing for the ponytail chop with your stylist when booking your appointment.

When a ponytail donation is received at our depot, it is collected and sorted based on length and hair type. We then send these ponytails to independent wig makers and charities including Variety and the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) for charitable wigs only.

It takes approximately 20 individual ponytails (at a minimum of 20cm in length) to make one individual wig, depending on length, thickness and hair type. 

While we always do our best, unfortunately, we can’t give specifics on who receives your hair once it arrives at the wigmaker. 

We receive hundreds of ponytails to the depot every week. When you have your ponytails cut at a Sustainable Salon, the hairdresser packages and returns them safely to our depot through our network.

If you’re sending your donation to us via post, unfortunately we’re unable to notify you when it’s been received. For your peace of mind, we recommend using a postage option with a tracking service so that you can see when it’s been safely delivered to us.