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Conversations are one of the most powerful tools to educate others, and to help shift hearts & minds.

Evidence shows that more than 8/10 Australians acknowledge the reality of climate change, and are worried about it. Most people are open to doing more to act on their concerns but are unsure what they can do that’s effective, and how to make that a reality. Conversations with people they know & trust can help them overcome this.

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Don't just take it from us! 

Listen to Katharine Hayhoe, an expert climate scientist, on what climate change means to us in the places where we live.

Climate Change Made Simple... and Funny!

We've made 3 short (& funny) videos with effective strategies for discussing climate with your clients.

Tips and tricks

Hold onto your hairstyles because actors Bryn Chapman Parish and Gen Fricker recently paid us a visit, and although we won't be requesting their hairdressing skills any time soon, they sure can blow you away with their climate change banter!

Do's & Don'ts

Sustainable Salons member, Paloma Garcia of PALOMA Salon has been having climate chats for years. She's trained hundreds of hairdressers across Sydney on how to have a climate conversation - she knows a thing or two! Here are a few things you need to know. 

Post Haircut Compliments

Celebrate your stunning transformation and say goodbye in style by ending with a climate-conscious compliment! Gen Fricker & Bryn Chapman Parish show us how it’s done!

Here’s some tips and tricks to guide you:

1. Know your audience - not everyone is open to discussing climate change at their hair appointment and that’s OK!

2. Learn how to raise the topic - don’t hit them with the stats before they’re even in the smock. Ease into it. Start with a question - you’ll be surprised how quickly you find an in. “Where did you go on holiday?”  “We went to Europe - couldn’t believe how hot it was though we got caught in the Italian heatwave”  YOU’RE IN! 

3. Encourage discussion and ask questions - it’s a conversation, not a “TED Talk for one”. Listen to what they have to say. You might learn something! 

4. Approach the conversation with curiosity - listen without judgement, and don’t interrupt. Keep your ears peeled for insights into how they understand climate change & the solutions.

5. Know your own climate story. When it’s personal, it’s engaging. So ask yourself - what are my own views on climate change? What outcomes do I want to see? And what steps am I taking to make them happen? What can I share with my clients?

6. Link climate change with your client’s values and experiences - Again, you’re making it personal and engaging - not just an abstract concept that politicians talk about on the news.

7. Focus on the vision of what solutions look like (e.g. renewable energy) - share how easy it is to make small changes in our lives, and if you’ve done something (e.g. switched energy providers) share your experience! This will motivate people to do something about it.

8. Help them understand their role in creating the solutions - not only what changes they can make themselves in their own lives, but how people can work collectively to encourage governments and corporations to make better decisions.

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Want to make a difference in your salon? Here's a few tips!

Change your bulbs to LED lights

Here’s some suggestions on how to change your bulbs to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, while making a significant positive impact on the climate.

Switch to a green energy provider

Here’s an easy guide on who is supercharging the way and you can check the status of your provider!

Switch your business’s banking 

Did you know that banks and super funds invest our money into fossil fuels? Use this website to help you find out which banks do and don’t have a record of funding fossil fuels.

Give new employees advice on their super provider

Find out which super funds are invested in companies that are actively undermining the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, and take action to tell your fund to lift its game on climate action.

You don't need to be an expert you just have to have a chat