Hair: The Future 'Fuel' for Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Salons leads the charge in transforming hair from waste to wealth. 

Teaming up with Dr. Amandeep Singh Pannu and his trailblazing crew at Charles Sturt University, we're rewriting the rules on how hair can power our world.

In groundbreaking news, Dr Singh’s research has demonstrated the potential to turn simple human hair into graphite - the key material in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. 

With the majority of graphite typically being imported from China, this sustainable alternative to conventional sources is both eco-friendly, cost-effective and as hairdressers well know, in ample supply!


Dr Amandeep Singh Pannu, Research Fellow in the Charles Sturt University Rural Health and Research Institute in front of a tube furnace. 

Hair is treated with intense bursts of heat, no harmful chemicals needed. An amazing and sustainable alternative that bypasses polluting refining methods.

So, salon visits of the future could fuel not just your style but your smartphone and even your electric car too… 

Sustainable Salons Co-Founder, Paul Frasca says “We envision a future where hair transcends its conventional status as waste and emerges as a sustainable resource of immense potential. What sets hair apart is that it is an infinite resource - hair is constantly growing!"

“The prospect of harnessing hair to power our electric vehicles demonstrates that a sustainable future is limitless when we embrace the circular economy.”

Chris Hunter cutting the hair of Bridgette Birchall at his salon, Willomina, in Sydney’s Woollahra. The salon is excited about how hair clippings can be innovated

Thank you to all our Sustainable Salon members across Australia and New Zealand whose hair clippings we collect (among many other salon materials). Not only are you diverting precious hair from landfill, you are helping power the revolution!

Sustainable Salons is on a mission to do so much more than divert salon resources from landfill. With our members, we are here to change the salon industry for good. 

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