Thinking and acting sustainably is now a crucial part of any business.

It’s something we know a thing or two about. From donating cut hair to charities and organisations using it to help clean the oceans, to making the most of resources that would otherwise be discarded, we’ve made a name for ourselves by acting sustainably. 

What began as a resource recovery program, has become a way of doing business that’s inspiring leaders across industries to up their game, and walk the talk. 

Not just in line with their values and in step with their communities, but seamlessly in rhythm with the day-to-day running of their business.

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Our purpose

To get people, planet and profit working for each other.

Traditionally there's been a tension between the needs and motivations of corporates, people and planet. While things are now shifting, we're here to help accelerate the shift with practical systems and tools that make real impact for all.

Our story

  1. Meeting in Amsterdam

    Sustainable Salons Co-founders Paul Frasca, a hairdresser and Ewelina Soroko, a passionate environmentalist, met in Amsterdam

  2. Trip around Australia

    Paul and Ewelina came up with the concept for Sustainable Salons while on a very long drive around Australia – which, by the way, took 4 months and $7000 in petrol! They both still swear it’s the best adventure we've ever had.

    Paul & Ewelina created a plan to study the waste bins of 160 salons in the hope that we'd find the answer we needed lying in their rubbish. From our research, it was discovered that Australian hairdressers send one million kilos of aluminium foils to landfill every year.

  3. Make foil waste history

    This research was the catalyst to start Refoil, the industry's first sustainably-minded foiling concept and recycled foil product, right from Paul’s dad's garage! But their commitment to making salon waste history was only just beginning…

  4. Sustainable Salons launched in NSW

    In 2015, Sustainable Salons, an innovative resource recovery program was launched. Designed especially for the salon environment, we collect up to 95% of the salon’s bin and repurpose it for environmental and community benefit while rewarding the salon.

  5. Turning waste into meals

    Since 2015, we have been turning waste into food, donating 100% of our proceeds from recycling salon materials to OzHarvest & KiwiHarvest. These proceeds help divert tonnes of food waste from landfill and feed the hungry. So far, we've donated over 255,840 meals and counting!

  6. Sustainable Salons grew to new areas

    By 2017, Sustainable Salons had reached metropolitan VIC, QLD & SA, with WA joining in 2018!

  7. The Hairy Research began

    In 2017, we started working with University of Technology Sydney on the Hair Boom Project. The research found that 1kg of hair can remove 840g of spilled oil from seawater. We continued our research into hair and how it can be used for compost, solar, and more…

  8. Sustainable Salons goes international

    In 2018, we went international, expanding our program to New Zealand, with major hubs Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch all serviceable by our program.

  9. Harper's Bazaar Woman of the Year

    In December 2018, Ewelina was chosen to be one of eight women featured in the Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year Collection, highlighting women who have placed themselves on the frontline of environmental defence.

  10. Building a circular economy

    We partnered with Dresden Vision to create the world’s first glasses made from plastic shampoo bottles collected from our Australian and New Zealand members. We have continued to work with local manufacturers to make a range of circular products in Australia, including coasters, pet leashes, combs, and more products from Sustainable Salons plastics!

  11. Largest collector of ponytails

    Our ponytail donation program took off, and we now donate the most ponytails to charities & independent wigmakers to be made into charitable wigs.

  12. #1 Directory Service for the feel-good industry

    We are focused on bringing more and more consumers to the green side with our Salon Directory. Many conscious consumers visit our directory each month, we're bringing new clients through our members' doors.

  13. Sustainable Salons expanded to regional Australia

    In 2020, we started expanding our program to reach regional & remote areas of Australia, starting with regional NSW (even Broken Hill!) In 2022, we now service salons from Cairns down to Tasmania and across to remote WA!

  14. Hair booms to rescue

    On July 30th, 2021, a tanker rolled on the Great Northern Highway in remote Western Australia, spilling 28,000L of used oil into the environment. This oil spill reached Kirkalocka Station, located 500km from Perth, spreading through their creek system.

    Working with Blair Allan, the green warrior leading the charge at Kirkalocka Station, we shipped 1,000 Hair Booms to Kirkalocka. These hair booms included over 1,200 kilograms of hair clippings collected from our Sustainable Salons members.

  15. Believe in ability

    We now work with six depots across Australia and New Zealand, with over 50% of our workforce made up of supported employees (people with disabilities). We work with organisations that are ‘for purpose’ and dedicated to helping people with disabilities live fulfilling lives.

  16. Going digital

    With the catalyst of COVID-19, we are on a mission to transform into a digital-first customer-centric organisation. One of our projects was the launch of the Sustainable Salons app for our on-demand service. As our team grows, we are continuing to find new innovative ways to #makesustainabilityreality.

  17. Sustainable Salons made it to Middle Earth

    In 2022, we expanded our program to regional New Zealand, now servicing salons across the entire country.

  18. Brand Refresh

    Our goal has always been to work in rhythm with our members and their customers - to create a better, more sustainable future together. This was the guiding principle behind our brand refresh in 2023. The refresh reflects our values and mission, emphasising the importance of people, planet and profit.  By reimagining our imagery and language, we sought to promote inclusivity and accessibility. Additionally, we improved our website functionality and introduced a new e-commerce platform for members. 

More than a team

With over 100+ team members across Australia Paul Frasca and Ewelina Soroko have built a group of like-minded individuals that work day in and out to create a better world.

Our values

Our Vision is to make every salon experience sustainable.

Click the link below to learn about Sustainable Salons' vision, mission and values that drive our organisation.

Our Products

We transform salon resources into valuable materials and collaborate with partners to create new products to give them a second life.

We're not just recycling. We know that the best way to divert materials from landfill is to ensure they have a second life. So we're constantly working with universities, manufacturers and start ups to find end-of-life solutions for all our materials. This research has given us Hair Booms, hairy tech, hairy soil, closed-loop products and more.

Job vacancies

Are you ready to turn passion into profession?

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