A Sustainable Purpose Makes All The Difference

Consumers are clearer than ever about what they want from the salons they visit. The rise of social media has elevated and echoed the awareness of the climate crisis, and environmental and community sustainability are in the limelight. Now is the time to become a sustainable and eco-friendly salon in your community, and believe me, your clients will thank you for it. 

If you don’t know much about Sustainable Salons, we forgive you for assuming we’re just a fancy version of your council recycling service. 

While it’s true that we’re fancier than your standard household and business recycling bin, here at Sustainable Salons, we’re creating impact in all corners of the community.

That’s not to throw shade at council recycling. It serves an essential purpose and is an excellent tool in the sustainability toolbox of your average household. However, how does it compare to Sustainable Salons solution created specifically for the salon environment? 

Small businesses, like salon owners, are not legally required to use council recycling, so even if your salon does, plenty of others out there whose waste is going directly to landfill unless they can access a better alternative. 

Curbside recycling also offers close to no transparency about how the waste materials collected are used, and this process has minimal positive impact on local communities. 

So, how does this benefit your business? What value does it provide your salon? It simply doesn’t. Your business and your local community deserve a network of individuals with a  collective goal of sustainability for our planet and its people.

How does Sustainable Salons compare

Okay, so you know we’re fancier, but let me tell you a little about how Sustainable Salons is working towards a better world. 

Sustainable Salons cares about the impact of every piece of waste that comes from your salon. Hair collected from the salon floor of hairdressers, barbers, and even pet groomers is transformed into new innovative solutions like Hair Booms, which assist in soaking up crude oil spills in our oceans and waterways.

Hair can even be turned into a soil treatment, perfect for your salon garden or home, and it’s packed with nutrients your plants will love!

 Just by being a Sustainable Salon, you are contributing to inclusivity within the community, helping us employ people living with disabilities within our recycling depot. We’re providing meaningful work in a safe and inclusive workplace.

Sharps disposal from dermal clinics and beauty salons is no longer one of the industry’s most prickly problems (pardon the pun). Incorrect sharps disposal is a huge hazard. We collect these used sharps and dispose of them safely and responsibly. 

So, as you now know, Sustainable Salons is more than just recycling. We are a purpose-driven organisation impacting all areas of the community and our planet. It’s not just about the impact becoming a Sustainable Salon has on the environment - it’s also an excellent move for your bottom line.

Creating purpose in your salon

The reality is that salons without a clear purpose are missing out. Consumers are wide awake to the world around them and voting with their dollars. Clients no longer just want to leave your salon glowing and fresh; they like to know that you care about their values and that you're caring for the environment and their local community.

Sustainability has become such an essential factor in determining consumer behaviour that the Sustainable Salons Directory has become the most significant driver of clients into salons. What does this mean? More people are using the Salon Directory to search for their nearest sustainable hair or beauty salon than any other source. 

Your customers will reward you for being a sustainability leader in your community.

Think of it like this - you could change nothing or cut waste and grow your business, and that’s where we come in. 

Partnering with Sustainable Salons means you’re doing the right thing for the environment, and your clients will see you as a business that aligns with their values. You’ll attract clients who keep returning, both for your amazing treatments and dedication to a more sustainable future. In today’s eco-conscious consumer environment, that’s irreplaceable. 

Keen to join the movement? Find out more at www.sustainablesalons.org!