In the bustling world of luxury salons, Franck Provost is stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable. With 11 locations across Australia, this well-known salon group has seamlessly integrated the Sustainable Salons program into each salon. This move aligns with their commitment to the planet and enhances their brand image and customer experience.

Sustainability Aligned with Luxury

We caught up with Jean-Francois Carre, Co-Founder of Franck Provost Paris Australia, and Melanie Peron, Network Coordinator of Franck Provost Australia, to delve into the impact of our partnership.

Q: Four of your Sydney locations have been longtime Sustainable Salons members. What does it mean for business now that all eleven locations are on the program?

A: We are delighted to be aligned with an amazing initiative. The partnership means we can recycle all our resources. The offering is unique; Sustainable Salons has pioneered this space and provided a comprehensive solution for the industry.

A Seamless Implementation

Implementing Sustainable Salons across their remaining locations was a breeze for Franck Provost. Melanie Peron, highlighted, "It was very easy; all our teams were educated, and Sustainable Salons implemented the program within a week. The service speaks for itself and makes it simple to implement operationally. The customer service is always accessible."

Q: What does Sustainable Salons provide the Franck Provost Group?

A: The partnership reinforces our brand image and adds value as a luxury salon group. The offering aligns with our sustainability goals, and the community aspect is crucial.

The Community Connection

The Franck Provost Group recognises the importance of community engagement in their sustainability journey, sharing that their clients were eager to learn about the addition of the Sustainable Salons bins. Client interest opened up the opportunity to discuss the concept with their clients, who were quite interested and are now happy to be part of it.

"We should all have the same goals. As humans, we need to take care of this planet; everyone should join the program. The small $3 fee is easily passed on to the guests, so the program is not a cost to the business."

Unified Sustainability Across Locations

Being a Sustainable Salon has also brought operational consistency across all Franck Provost locations, allowing staff to be unified; with a focus on the luxury customer experience within all salons, Franck Provost ensures guests receive the same offerings across all salon locations.

Franck Provost's team is not just respectful; they are enthusiastic about being part of the program. "Our team is a younger generation, and they expect the business to be progressive and provide a sustainable work environment".

Empowering Change with Sustainable Salons

The Franck Provost Group is grateful to Sustainable Salons for a comprehensive program that supports the industry and believes all professionals should participate.  

“We have the opportunity to reuse our waste and contribute to generating new products. Our industry has the opportunity to aim for carbon neutrality. Giving back to the community by funding meals for OzHarvest is also incredible.” - Jean-Francois Carre, Co-Founder of Franck Provost Paris Australia

The partnership between Franck Provost and Sustainable Salons is not just about recycling; it's about making sustainability part of the natural rhythm of business.