Ryder, A Sustainable Success Story

Sustainable Salons recently caught up with Greg Murrell, the Director of Ryder in Auckland, New Zealand. During our chat, Ryder shared an insight into their sustainability journey with us - how their clients have responded to the Sustainable Salons program, how the Salon Directory has helped their business grow and why other businesses in the industry should follow suit.

Ryder signed up to Sustainable Salons in 2018 with the goal of increasing sustainability practices within his business. He aimed to reduce the salon's environmental footprint, incorporating the Sustainable Salons program to help increase recycling for their additional salon resources. Now they recycle everything from paper, glass, plastic, and metals to expired tools and hair clippings. The salon also sends their food waste to a commercial facility for composting.

Why did you become a Sustainable Salon?

Our clients believe that our participation in the program aligns with our values of operating a high-end salon business as sustainably as possible. They are happy to pay a green fee, and many of them have told us how proud they are to support a salon involved in such an initiative.

How have the Sustainable Salons program and Salon Directory helped your business gain new clients?

Our program participation has definitely attracted new clients to Ryder who are actively seeking a Sustainable Salon.

Greg Murrell | Director of Ryder

With the increasing number of conscious consumers, it’s essential for businesses to incorporate sustainability as a core tenet to stay competitive.

How have the Sustainable Salons program and Salon Directory helped your business gain new clients?

At our salon, we've recently implemented Vish Colour Management Software as a new initiative. This software has been incredibly helpful in giving us a better understanding of how much colour we mix and how much we waste. Initially, we were using too much product and wasting it unnecessarily. It's fantastic that we have chemical waste collection through Sustainable Salons, however, it’s just as crucial to minimise our colour wastage from the start. 


Moreover, client and staff safety is important to me. We ensure we work with a colour supplier that is ammonia free and contains no PPD in their product, an issue that many salon owners often overlook.

Through a focus on awareness and responsibility, Greg and his staff at Ryder have been able to minimise their environmental impact. Though it takes time to adapt and create new habits, Ryder staff now have a deep understanding of the importance of contributing to a more environmentally conscious society. The Sustainable Salons program has now become like second nature to them. Ryder's dedication to sustainability not only helps the environment but also draws in clients who value socially responsible companies. This shows that in today's mindful market, business success and ethical responsibility go hand in hand.

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