How to approach a salon service in the face of coronavirus

At Sustainable Salons, our top priority is the health of our communities.

We know this pandemic is a time of uncertainty, but at our core we’re still focused on moving forward on our mission towards a better future for all… and right now, that means taking steps to help ensure our communities are safe and healthy. 

We believe working together and helping each other is always going to be the best course of action.

So whether it’s handing over that extra pack of toilet paper to your neighbour at the checkout, staying in for dinner when you’d rather go out, or finding a way to give your local business your hard earned dollars, it’s all going to help us move past this challenging time.

It can be tricky navigating how best to approach those things that are normally second nature, which is why we’ve begun compiling some great content from our salon network as they let clients know the best way to ensure a safe and pleasant salon service.

So whether you’re a salon owner looking for ideas on how to communicate your own updates, or you’re a client wondering how best to support your beloved hairdresser by still getting your locks seen to, we hope this growing collection of information will help keep our people, our planet and the progress of our small businesses strong.