Sustainable Salons teams up with Greener to help salon owners save money and the planet.

Just in time for the biggest event on the hairdressing calendar, Hair Festival 2024, Sustainable Salons today announced a new partnership with Greener for Business to accelerate their big hairy mission of turning every salon in Australia green.

Australian salons contribute more than 2,000,000 kilograms of salon waste to landfill every year; including hair clippings, aluminium foil, plastics & more. To put that in perspective, if that amount of waste went into your wheelie bin at home for collection every week, it would take 480 years to collect. 

Designed to be a cash flow positive waste-diversion program, Sustainable Salons collects a range of waste from salon foils, leftover colour, bottles and chemicals, hair sweepings and even pet fur, and turns it into new products.

Having already diverted nearly 2 million kilograms of salon waste from landfill, Sustainable Salons have turned to the small business sustainability experts at Greener to drive even greater scale and impact amongst Australia’s 26,000+ hair and beauty businesses. 

Helping to cut more than just hair, Sustainable Salons sustainability program helps salon owners cut their general waste bills by up to $3000 – collecting up to 95 percent of salon waste and giving it a new lease on life. 

Thanks to the new Sustainable Salons – Greener partnership, salon owners can save instantly with 50 percent off the Sustainable Salons set-up fees. Plus, Sustainable Salons members get free access to Greener for Business (normally valued at $228 per year), helping them reduce emissions and waste across their entire business.

“Over 2,000,000 kilograms of salon waste are still being sent to landfill every year. So our program isn’t just about recycling; it’s about closing the loop and giving materials a new lease on life,” said Paul Frasca, co-founder of Sustainable Salons.

Thanks to our members, we’ve already diverted over 1,983,842 kilograms of salon waste from landfill since 2015. By partnering with Greener, we’re excited to scale our impact even further, and do it in a way that helps businesses improve their bottom line at the same time,

Paul Frasca, co-founder of Sustainable Salons

“With increasing landfill levies, the simple fact is that recycling is now better for the bottom line. In many cases, businesses are paying more than double the price for red bin pick ups – that’s just like throwing cash in the bin,” said Tom Ferrier, Founder of Greener.

“So we’re excited to be helping salons shrink their general waste bills and make it easier to adopt more climate-friendly solutions like diverting their waste with Sustainable Salons” said Ferrier. 

Sustainable Salon’s new partnership comes hot off the tails of Greener’s recent partnership announcement with the Australian Hairdressing Council (the AHC).

“Making sure salon owners have the tools and services they need to get greener is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for our industry,” said Jenny Burns, Head of PR and Communications at the AHC.

The partnerships between the AHC, Greener and Sustainable Salons will deliver a range of positive benefits both economic and environmental, and we’re excited to be helping our small business community fast track their sustainability journey,

Jenny Burns, Head of PR and Communications at the AHC.

Sustainable Salons and Greener for Business will officially launch their new partnership and exclusive discount offer this weekend at the 2024 Hair Festival 30 June to 1 July at the ICC Exhibition Hall 1 in Sydney. 

To sign up for Sustainable Salons’ exclusive 50 percent off Greener member offer and join Greener for Business for free, click here