Sustainability Spotlight

How Sustainable Salons Makes A Difference In The People Pillar

Styleicons recently recognised the amazing work Sustainable Salons is doing in the people space. We continue to drive sustainability in the community with our three pillars, People, Planet and Profit.

One of the most well known ways Sustainable Salons supports people within the community is through the ponytail donation program. We are the number 1 collector of ponytail donations in the southern hemisphere and have collected over 222,000 ponytails so far.

It’s amazing to see our feel-good industry rallying together and making a positive impact on our community and the planet.

We also support a number of other initiatives under our People pillar. Find out how you can get involved and read our Sustainable Salons featured Styleicons article below. Let’s Make Sustainability Reality!

Sustainability Spotlight: How Sustainable Salons Makes A Difference In The People Pillar