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Perk up your plant life with our newest hairy soil treatment

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Superfood for your soil and plants, powered by hair!

Hair clippings have been viewed as waste for too long! Their untapped potential is absolutely staggering, and here at Sustainable Salons, we’re changing the way we view and use hair clippings.

In partnership with compost guru Jackie Yong, we've created Soilz Alive - a first of its kind soil treatment that regenerates and re-energises your soil to encourage healthy plant growth. It is a hairy natural alternative to chemical fertilisers.

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Meet the founder

Jackie Yong's passion for hair began in Malaysia, where she frequented a local salon as a child. When she moved to Melbourne, aged seven, that seed lay dormant. Jackie pursued a Commerce/Science degree, but Jackie's boundless energy and creative spirit sought more...she seized an opportunity: a hair salon for sale. Thus, Jack, Jack, Jackie was born! With determination, she became a qualified hairdresser, earned awards, and cultivated a successful business: Soilz Alive. 

Why use hair for a soil treatment?

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Discover the passion, science, and innovation that underpins Soilz Alive

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Soilz Alive is a cut above the rest

  • Nutrient-rich - The composition of Soilz Alive enables the hair to release valuable nutrients (including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other trace minerals) into your soil.
  • Conditions & Renews - When hair breaks down, it delivers an organic and dynamic dose of keratin, which conditions and renews the soil and brings vitality to the plant.
  • Aerates Soil - Adding hairy nutrients to soil increases microbial biodiversity, meaning more oxygen for your plant babies, improving growth quality.

How to use Soilz Alive

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Soilz Alive is available to purchase in NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, TAS, NT & SA. We are unable to retail in WA & NZ due to biosecurity laws.

Soilz Alive sources hair clippings collected from hair salons across Australia and New Zealand participating in the Sustainable Salons resource recovery program.

Learn more here about the impact Sustainable Salons is making on our planet.

At the moment our focus has been using human hair in Soilz Alive, however we are very excited to explore the use of pet fur in the future.

Yes, Soilz Alive is safe to use with all types of plants, even delicate herbs - they love it!

Soilz Alive does not expire, though it does reduce in efficacy as time goes on. We recommend using it within 6 months once you open the packet. Just be sure to store it in a cool, shady place away from direct sunlight.

Absolutely! Soilz Alive is a natural product. 

Yes, Soilz Alive packaging is made from LDPE which can be recycled with other soft plastics. Just rinse out your packet when finished, dry then pop into your Sustainable Salons plastics bin!