of recycled metal that’s been diverted from landfill and made into new aluminium products

Did you know aluminium is infinitely recyclable? That’s right, it can be re-melted over and over again without losing any of its properties!

Re-melting used aluminium also saves up to 95% of the energy and 97% of the water needed to produce the primary product.

That’s why we’re committed to sending all your used foils, colour tubes and cans right back to your salon in the form of new and shiny (and completely recycled) products!

meals donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest

Metal is the most valuable material we recycle, and thanks to the commitment of our members, we’ve been able to donate these proceeds to produce meals for those in need.

What do we accept?

In-salon metals bin
  • Aluminium Canisters
  • Aluminium Colour Tubes
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Metal Cans (e.g Hair spray)
  • Foil/Metal Packaging
  • Metal Razors (put in Razor Tin)
  • Mixed Material Packaging
  • Plastic Lids (e.g from colour tubes)

The Metals Loop

How do we recycle metal waste?

All metal waste, including balls of scrunched up foil (the larger the better!), gets thrown into our baling machine at the depot which then crushes and compresses it. This bale is then wrapped in recycled cardboard to protect it before it gets sent to our metal recycling partners.

The scrap metal is then shredded and melted into blocks, ingots or sheets to be sold back to manufacturers.

Recycled metal in action

The Refoil Life Cycle


We are partners with Refoil, a revolutionary business that takes a lifecycle approach to recycled metal. Refoil uses scrap metal gathered by our salon members to produce 100% recycled aluminium foil products. So the next time you’re getting your hair dyed, just think all those foils in the bin can actually end up back on your head again and again!

OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest

We are proud to be giving back to our community with all proceeds generated from recycling salon materials going to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed the hungry. Recycled metal is the most valuable material of the bunch, fetching anywhere from 20c to 90c per kilo sold. For every $1 collected, we can feed two homeless people.

To put that in perspective, one head of foils is about enough for a quarter of a meal, and one bale is enough to feed 200!

Paul and Ewelina at OzHarvest

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