We have set up a campaign for our Sustainable Salon Members to help out our Aussie mates through the bush fire crisis.

From now until 12th February, each time you submit an order to the Rewards Shop, we’ll donate $10 to the Australian Red Cross.

By acting now and choosing sustainably minded options in the Reward Shop, you can create healthy habits and help our fellow Aussies in need. So get in there as often as you can and get spending those points.

Watch our initiative video to get the full details on our relief efforts and a message from Paul & Ewelina.

Let’s help our Aussie mates get back on their feet!

Don’t forget – you can also donate items and funds directly to these organisations, but we recommend visiting their websites. (click on the Red Cross logo below) to understand exactly what they need at this time.

Thank you for everything you do for our communities already, and we hope this small extra effort we make together will provide much needed relief in this crisis.