Sharps Collection

Please follow these guidelines to help us provide you with a convenient and responsible collection and disposal program for: razors, blades, microneedle cartridges, lancets and hypodermic needles.

Why we do it

We are on a mission to reduce waste and harm caused by inappropriately disposing of sharps.

By choosing our collection program, you’ll be part of the solution. Nice one!

For members


Sharps containers take time to source return to the chemist. Our sharps collection is a simple addition to your service.


Sharps containers add a direct cost to your business. Now, you can access them using points on the Sustainable Salons Rewards Shop.

For people

Members safety

Ensuring yours & your team’s safety is of utmost priority. Our sharps containers comply with regulations & safety standards.

SSANZ staff safety

All collected materials are sorted by hand in our depots; by choosing our sharps program, you help keep our drivers and depot staff safe.

For planet

Correct disposal

Sharps can’t be disposed of in general waste nor can they be recycled. By collecting sharps with us, you ensure a correct disposal.

Striving for better

We’re always striving for innovative ideas and actions that will help us reduce our impact even further…stay tuned!

How it works

There are just a few simple steps in our sharps collection program.

Please note: for safety, compliance and tracking purposes, we can accept ONLY Sustainable Salons containers.

Step 1

Order on the rewards store

Choose a 1.8L sharps container or add the 4-pack to cart for a multi-room business.

Step 2

Dispose of sharps correctly

Once you receive the container, follow the YES/NO guidelines on the label for correct disposal. See FAQs below for more info.

Step 3

Seal container when full

When the contents of the container reach just under the lid line, screw the lid tight to seal.

Step 4

Dispose for collection

Place SEALED container directly into your Purple Bin or black Linnk Bag for your next scheduled collection.

Just log in to the Rewards Shop to order your container/s!


Still have questions? check out our FAQs:

Sharps are discarded objects or devices capable of cutting, penetrating or piercing the skin. Most sharps fall under the following categories: razors, microneedle cartridges, blades, lancets, hypodermic needles.

Sharps are classified as a biohazard and to comply with ANZ regulations (AS4031, AS/NZS4261) must be disposed of in appropriate leak & puncture proof containers. Our SSANZ 1.8L sharps container complies with these regulations.

Sharps are classified as a Biohazard and can cause injury & harm if not disposed of correctly. To avoid injuries and to comply with ANZ regulations (AS4031, AS/NZS4261), sharps can only be disposed of in appropriate leak & puncture proof containers. Like the SSANZ 1.8 sharps container.

You can dispose of any of the following sharps: needles, needles with plastic attachments, needle cartridges, microneedle cartridges, threading needles, blades, lancets, razors, feather razors.

Removable plastic razor handles are recyclable and go into your plastics recycling bin.

Scissors are recyclable and you can place them in a cardboard box in your metals recycling bin.

There are 2 key benefits in using the SSANZ 1.8 sharps containers: convenience and safety. Sharps containers take time to source & return to the chemist. Our new sharps collection program is a simple addition to your current services. Furthermore each container includes: Yes/No guidelines for your easy reference, a simple seal screw on lid and is leak and puncture proof to comply with ANZ regulations. When collected by Sustainable Salons, you ensure a correct & safe disposal of sharps.

You can find our container on the rewards store in a single pack or in a 4 pack for multi room locations. You can also speak to your CSM about this service and to clarify and questions.

That’s easy. Just screw on the lid to ensure the container is well sealed. Then drop the container into your purple bin or linnk bag for collection.

Sustainable Salons will collect your containers from the purple bin, on a regular pick up. Or they will receive your containers through your Linnk bag, if you are part of the Linnk program.