Interim Corporate Partnership Offer

Aligning with Sustainable Salons will propel your sustainability credentials to the next level.

We’re currently developing a corporate strategy that will not only offer your company a pathway to increased sustainability, but also adds value to your brand/s. This will be ready by the end of 2021, but please read on for how we can work together in the meantime!

What is Sustainable Salons?

We’re a unique social enterprise with 1,200+ salon members attracting more than 62,000 consumers every week. CLICK HERE for the complete introduction to our program.

We’re working hard to build infrastructure to ‘make sustainability reality’ for everyone! This means, we’re on a mission to enable our service to reach every town across Australia and New Zealand.

Why should you join us?

It’s never been more important to band together, share our resources, and strive for that one goal we ultimately all share – a strong and sustainable salon future.

What can you do?

Here are just a few ways that your company and teams can begin contributing to a more sustainable salon future, faster.

The fastest way to salon sustainability right now is via our individual salon businesses. By simply pledging that you as a company will actively encourage your own salon network to join the Sustainable Salons program, you’re already driving valuable change.