19 Jun

Winners are Grinners!

2016 has been an incredible year for the Sustainable Salons Australia team, and it's only half over! So far this year, we've seen our team move & expand, we've attended awards shows (and won!), SSA has expanded our service area (twice), and we have worked hard to spread our mission of Zero Waste through some incredible local organisations like Rough Threads & The Australian Hairdressing Council. (View the cartoon here!)

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24 May

Oil Spills along Australian Coast

We're all aware of how devastating an oil spill can be, with history serving us quite a lesson, but you might not know just how often these oil spill events actually occur. Sustainable Salons Australia believe in life long learning, and in an educational and environmental interest, we're sharing some facts about oil spills, their frequency in our area, and ways that an individual/family, or Australian hair salon can get involved and make a difference.

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01 May

Rough Threads 2016

This year, Sustainable Salons Australia are thrilled to join Brett McKinnon from Murphy Gozzard in assisting with the the 2016 Rough Threads Events!

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25 Apr

Stress free, environment friendly has been our culture and aim since Original & Mineral was born 16 years ago. Alan Buki for O&M.syd is the flagship store for Original & Mineral.

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13 Mar

Interview with Shaun McGrath- Hairstyling Collection with Re-Purposed Materials

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16 Feb

2016 HairBiz Forum

2016 HairBiz Forum ---


We're very excited to share that Paul will be the Environmental Sustainable Salon Expert at the 2016 HairBiz Forum! He's also guest presenting 'Creating Salon Waste History' and we hope to see you all at his seminar!

Expect to learn what great good your salon waste can do for our community! Items that were once considered waste is now contributing to charitable organizations that do a killer job in helping humanity everyday. This exciting presentation is a HairBiz forum first!
2016 bin stickers
Australian Salons in attendance will learn to:
  • Become up to 95% waste free
  • Become a local leader in sustainability
  • Enjoy marketing power provided by the sustainable initiative
  • Save on council rates
  • Improve the business bottom line
  • Attract new clientele
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Additionally, Sustainable Salons Australia is also a sponsor of this years event. We hope you'll agree, this is an event not to be missed!
HAIRBIZ FORUM 2016 Fast Facts:
Date: 20th of March
Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Place: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Tickets are on sale now! www.hairbizforum.com.au
10 Jan

Salon Spotlight: Om Shalom

Being an Aveda salon we have always taken sustainability seriously. From the very beginning 6 years ago. Part of Aveda's mission is to care for the world we live in, from the products we use, to the ways we give back to society. As a salon, we quickly adopted ways and habits which supported this.

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12 Dec

Sustainable Salon Spotlight: Access Hair

 I've always taken sustainability seriously. I'm from a family who always recycled and lived in a sustainable manner so it was always important to me for my business to reflect that. I'm always looking at ways to make the salon more sustainable, from energy saving lights, to switching to biodegradable coffee pods. If there is a more sustainable option I will always explore it.

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12 Nov

In 2014 we did an audit as part of the ACT government ACTSmart business program. We were horrified by the fact that we were 100% landfill! Of course, we knew we weren’t being very green but the audit gave us the grave news in a focused way. It was definitely time for a change. We began by changing lights to LED, using Ecohead taps to reduce water wastage, put chemical waste into bin instead of down the drain. In addition, we started collecting cardboard and plastics and taking them to the local recycling centre. We then started using EasyDry towels and Refoil. Now we are part of Sustainable Salons Australia and life is super peachy!!

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13 Oct

We started taking sustainability seriously when we transitioned from material towels to disposable in order to minimise our impact on water and electricity. Then we saw the financial benefits and the fact that our staff could focus more on hairdressing and less on laundry. We then started to explore other ways to minimise our carbon footprint such as installing LED lights and using Refoil (recycled and recyclable foil), now with the new partnership with SSA we have almost a carbon neutral salon. Most of the materials used in building our new salon are from recycled or renewable sources.

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