01 Jun

behind the brand of a sustainability pioneer

The Zucci Hairdressing brand has been in existence for an impressive 33 years, and with four salons and more than 40 staff, it stands firm as a Melbourne salon icon.

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02 May

QUE Colour has a new hue

Monique McMahon has an insatiable passion for education – colour, specifically – and this year she added green to the program.

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03 Apr


Brett McKinnon is a change-maker. Not content with watching the world go by as it is, Brett sees opportunity to build better outcomes in areas that most would simply gloss over.

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01 Mar

If you’ve ever come across the softly spoken Maria Faulder, you’ll be familiar with her unwavering determination to raise the bar. As owner of Suite Three Hair in Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine coast, Maria fosters a small team of dedicated stylists, all strongly committed to improving their local community, driving sustainability and creating a superior salon experience.

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01 Feb

Hey Melbourne, we need your skills!

Here at Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA), we believe sustainability is not just about minimising our environmental impact – it’s about so much more! In fact, a large part of what we’re all about is supporting the local community. You may have heard that we’ve recently collaborated with Frontyard Youth Services in Victoria, and now we’re in need of your valuable hairdressing skills and time.

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28 Nov

Here at SSA we love to think of every environmentally friendly act as an act of kindness, but also as a contribution to creating our very own fairy tale. The salon industry itself creates a lot of waste that needs to be diverted from landfills and it can be done if waste, such as chopped hair is considered as a resource not just trash. Seeing so many wonderful people make the big chop for charity and donate hair to greater causes has inspired us to write our new series of Hairy Tales.

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12 Aug

During the last week in July, Sustainable Salons Australia was presented with an incredible opportunity to organize The Shave Off at Liverpool Hospital- you may have even caught the live video we posted to our facebook page. Our co-founder Paul Frasca was the individual who cut off Liverpool radiologist Mark Udovitch's long locks that day! We were able to collect a large number of donated ponytails on the day of the event, which always leaves us feeling thrilled and accomplished.

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19 Jun

Winners are Grinners!

2016 has been an incredible year for the Sustainable Salons Australia team, and it's only half over! So far this year, we've seen our team move & expand, we've attended awards shows (and won!), SSA has expanded our service area (twice), and we have worked hard to spread our mission of Zero Waste through some incredible local organisations like Rough Threads & The Australian Hairdressing Council. (View the cartoon here!)

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24 May

Oil Spills along Australian Coast

We're all aware of how devastating an oil spill can be, with history serving us quite a lesson, but you might not know just how often these oil spill events actually occur. Sustainable Salons Australia believe in life long learning, and in an educational and environmental interest, we're sharing some facts about oil spills, their frequency in our area, and ways that an individual/family, or Australian hair salon can get involved and make a difference.

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01 May

Rough Threads 2016

This year, Sustainable Salons Australia are thrilled to join Brett McKinnon from Murphy Gozzard in assisting with the the 2016 Rough Threads Events!

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