05 Apr
Across Australia’s capital cities, a host of brave shavers took to the stage to raise money for the World’s Greatest Shave… And this year, we went with them!
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04 Apr

Chopping for a Cause

We believe that everyone deserves the right to basic amenities and the chance to feel confident in new clothes with a fresh cut. And we’ve said it once (or twice) and we’ll say it again (probably a lot more, actually)... we believe in good partnerships, especially those that elevate even one person’s quality of life.
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28 Mar

Shaun's Wiggery Master Class

Our very own resident wiggery expert is back at it... And this time, he's teaching you!

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23 Mar

Empowered Women Empower Women

The Gordon TAFE Beauty Department is taking community empowerment to a whole new level! This dedicated team is spreading community love with candles!
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01 Mar

Passionate for Change

Meet Heather Loudon, the creative thinker behind Society Hair Design’s eco-friendly practices. This talented lady is cutting, sweeping and studying her way to a greener future for hairdressing!

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28 Feb

All The (Green) Tricks in the Book

Giving out metal straws, donating to animal shelters and making their own cleaning products. If you’ve thought about it, the Roca Verde team are doing it! They’re the salon with big goals and the drive to achieve them!
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28 Feb

Could our Salons' Trash be Shaun's Trophy?

We’re proud to announce that our very own Creative Ambassador, Shaun McGrath, is a finalist in the Avant-Garde category of 2018’s Australian Hair Fashion Awards!
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22 Feb

2 Weeks to Get Your Shave On!

Keep your clippers on hand, because it’s only 2 weeks until the World’s Greatest Shave! And it’s going to be our biggest one yet!
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15 Feb

Scrubbing Up Green

With a motto like ‘Engage, Inspire, Connect and Laugh’ you can sure bet that Koto Hair is all about bringing the best to their community! From donations to their local kindergartens to making their own coffee scrubs, Koto Hair is full to overflowing with innovative ideas!
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08 Feb

Time for More Than a Sea Change

Eco Paint, GreenPower, and Aveda! What do these environment-focused super products have in common? They’re all ways that Sulis Lifestyle Salon and Spa show their extra commitment to the environment.
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